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SRMS Vision
To inspire our students to be life-long learners who can compete successfully on the global stage, while contributing to their community as productive citizens.
SRMS Mission:
 To educate diverse learners, nurture their potential, and empower them to be competitive, successful, and productive citizens.

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ATTN:  Parents of students identified as having 3 or more discipline referrals this Academic Year

Our goal at Staunton River Middle School is not only to develop your child academically, but to build strong community members, leaders and individuals.  Further committing to the development of the social skills and tools necessary to navigate the challenges of life, we’re inviting your child to attend an afterschool Character Education/Social Skills program, Flying Again.   This program allows your child a second chance to earn back their invitation to our yearend N-Step Celebration, serving as an exciting, beneficial opportunity to earn the reward we know they’re capable of achieving while reinforcing that good choices lead to rewards.   Please read on to discover the benefits and rewards for both your and your child (gas cards, gift cards, homework help, and more!), and accept this invitation for your child.

            This program has been created to provide additional learning opportunities for continued growth in areas such as developing friendships, sustaining positive family and community connections, listening skills, conflict resolution, and navigating adolescence successfully.   In addition, each day a healthy snack, homework help, and transportation home is provided.  Your support is needed by making sure  that your child attends daily to get the full benefits of the training, with the hope of empowering students to have a more successful upcoming school year, as seen by less social conflicts and discipline referrals.   As a motivator for both parents and students to commit their child to the 4 week program, you’ll both have chances to earn multiple ticket entries for a raffle to take place at N-Step, including prizes for students (iPod, iTunes cards, gift certificates) and parents (gas, grocery, and store gift cards and certificates). 

The Flying Again program – what will it look like? 

Students will stay after school Monday – Thursday until 6:15, where they’ll begin each day with a snack and Homework Help.  Days will include a variety of activities centered around developing stronger social and academic skills, as well as a weekly reward for completing each stage of the program (to include Laser Tag, Cotton Candy, Corn Hole Tourney, Snow Cones, Popcorn and a Movie Party, & MORE!!!).   Students that attend all 4 weeks of the program will get to attend the SRMS N-Step Celebration (an all-day reward carnival) and an invitation to the after party, a private event extending the fun for after school participants.


Flying Again will begin the Monday after Spring Break, running for 4 weeks.  Spots are limited and rosters must be completed, so it’s essential that you DO NOT DELAY IN RETURNING THIS FORM TO THE OFFICE BY THIS THURSDAY, 4/10!  LATE APPLICANTS CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED!  AS AN INCENTIVE FOR EARLY RETURN, 5 TICKETS WILL BE AWARDED TO THE 1ST 20 FORMS RETURNED!!!!    Confirmation calls will be made over Spring Break to let you know that your child registered early enough to get a spot.


See the backside for details on how both you and your child can win prizes and gift cards!

SRMS Flying Again

Promoting character education and social skills mastery in students to achieve success

Monday, April 21st – Tues, May, 20th


How can I win grocery/gas/gift cards?

                You and your child can earn multiple raffle entry tickets each week by participating in the program completely and making sure that they stay after school each day.  The program can only work if they participate regularly, so we do need your help in that area!  In addition to the afterschool component, 3 Saturday events will be offered, and extra tickets are awarded for attending any of these events.

Tickets Awards:


Each day attended = 1 ticket

No referrals during the school week = 1 ticket

Attending a 2-hour Saturday character camp = 8 tickets

Perfect Attendance = 20 tickets



Student perfect attendance =  20 tickets

Attending a parent event or Saturday Character Camp = 8 tickets

Registering your child for the on-going summer program, to take place from 12-3 following summer school each day = 5 tickets


Registration is simple.  Complete the attached form, front and back (please make sure that you complete the transportation section completely, making sure to circle which drop off point will be used for your child if they will ride the activity buses home) and return it to the school ASAP! 


Isn’t the opportunity to win a $100 in free groceries reason enough to sit down and complete it right now?!

To Download this letter click HERE

To Download transportation Document click HERE



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