Our Staff

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Table of Faculty & Staff Contact Information
Employee Position Email Address
Austin, Gary Custodian [email protected]
Ball, James Teacher - Health/PE [email protected]
Barbour, Lorie In School Suspension Coordinator [email protected]
Bishop, Alyson Teacher - Science [email protected]
Bishop, David School Resource Officer [email protected]
Black, Ashlyn Teacher of Hearing Impaired [email protected]
Blake, Sharon Teacher - English (Chair) [email protected]
Bonds, Brenda Paraprofessional [email protected]
Brewer, Nathan Head Custodian [email protected]
Bridges, Alice Custodian [email protected]
Brien, Adam Teacher - Math [email protected]
Brisentine, Kathy Assistant Principal (J-Z) [email protected]
Blankenship, Josh Information Technology Technician [email protected]
Calvert, Gerald Teacher - Special Education [email protected]
Campbell, Michelle Paraprofessional [email protected]
Christian, Dustin Teacher - Social Studies [email protected]
Cox, Alice Teacher - Spanish [email protected]
Cox, Kathryn Teacher - Library Media Specialist [email protected]
Croke, Elizabeth Teacher - English [email protected]
Crouch, Ronda Secretary [email protected]
Culler, Kathleen Teacher - English [email protected]
Dillman, Courtney Teacher - Math [email protected]
Divers, Brian Teacher - Health & PE (Athletic Director) [email protected]
Doss, Matthew Teacher - Social Studies [email protected]
Draper, Heidi School Nurse [email protected]
Elder, Hattie Teacher - Choir [email protected]
Elder, Jacob Teacher - Band [email protected]
Ellis, Jamie Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Fike, Scott Teacher - Health & PE [email protected]
Fisher, Seth Paraprofessional- Special Education [email protected]
Garner, Cynthia Nutrition - Assistant Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Garrison, Lori Remediation Coordinator [email protected]
Geyer, Jessica Principal [email protected]
Guertin, Kimberly Teacher - Special Education [email protected]
Hale, Darrin Custodian [email protected]
Harris, Greg Teacher - Social Studies [email protected]
Hawkins, Judy Teacher - Science [email protected]
Heffelfinger, Amanda School Counselor (Last Names J-Z) [email protected]
Hiss, Kim Teacher - Science [email protected]
Hoer, Barbara Intervention Design Specialist [email protected]
Hoisington, Jodi ESL [email protected]
Jones, Kim Teacher - Health/PE [email protected]
Kennedy, Linda Lead Teacher [email protected]
Kreppeneck, Marie Teacher - English [email protected]
Lonas, Julie Teacher - Social Studies, SCT Coordinator [email protected]
Lawyer, Brittany Teacher - Agriculture [email protected]
Levine, Marie Teacher - Art [email protected]
Lynch-Williams, Tiffiny Paraprofessional- Adaptive tiffiny,[email protected]
Maples, Suzanne Teacher - Math [email protected]
Marshall, Kristina Family Services [email protected]
McGarrahan, Margaret Bookkeeper [email protected]
McGlothlin, Jennifer Teacher - Math [email protected]
McGlothlin, Travis Teacher - Special Education [email protected]
McMillion, Virginia Long-Term Substitute Science [email protected]
Morris, Frances Algebra Readiness Coordinator/Teacher [email protected]
Morris, Laura Teacher - Science [email protected]
Myers, Taylor Paraprofessional - Special Education [email protected]
Nichols, Todd Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Nickols, Ed Teacher - Special Education [email protected]
Overstreet, Ashley Teacher - Special Education [email protected]
Pannell, Kim Speech Pathologist kimberly,[email protected]
Plunkett, Kristin School Counselor (A-I) / 504 Coordinator [email protected]
Popp, Jamie Teacher - Math [email protected]
Roach, Prestie Paraprofessional - Special Education [email protected]
Rose, John Teacher - Social Studies [email protected]
Russ, Allison Teacher - Math [email protected]
Schmitt, Corey Teacher - English 7 [email protected]
Schubert, Barry Custodian [email protected]
Scott, Victoria Teacher - Science [email protected]
Short, Allyn Teacher - Science [email protected]
Smith, Betsy School Psychologist [email protected]
Smith, Chad Instructional Technology Coach (ITC) [email protected]
Sordelett, Amberlyn Teacher - English [email protected]
Staton, Valerie Teacher - Social Studies (Chair) [email protected]
Steffey, Andrew Teacher - Social Studies [email protected]
Swezey, Joelle Teacher - Special Education [email protected]
Tenecela, Barbra Teacher - Special Education [email protected]
Thomas, Andrea Teacher - Health/PE [email protected]
Verhoeff, Dawn Assistant Principal (A-I) [email protected]
Walthall, Amanda Intervention Design Specialist I [email protected]
Watts, Dave Teacher - Technology Education [email protected]
Wertz, Kelsey Teacher - English [email protected]
Wiley, Brandon Paraprofessional - Adaptive [email protected]
Wilson, Regina Nutrition - Cafeteria Manager [email protected]